“Le Petit Chaperon Rouge” - for multilingual children

Soon in the App Store! The Application “Le Petit Chaperon Rouge” is a complimentary resource for informal multilingual language learning for children. The app allows changing languages (English, German, French, Russian) on the every page of this original fairy-tale of Charles Perrault, so that a child can read and/or listen to one small part of the text on different languages and compare them. Even if a child learns only one foreign language, the possibility to listen to other languages can help to develop better comprehension of phonetics. Texts in different languages have been by recorded by native users of the languages. 

Recent research shows that reading books bring best results if it turns into a shared experience of parents and children. Nevertheless, after reading the book together, it is better to let a child explore the application on his own: “play” with languages switching from one to another.

This application is meant for bilingual children as well, allowing them to peer into the fairy world, where (just like in their own world) people speak more than one language at the same time.

The concept of this multilingual application — e-book “Le Petit Chaperon Rouge” was created by the company “The Loupe”, which develops media tools for intercultural purpose, together with multi-LEARN Institute for Interaction and Development in Diversity a.s.b.l., and also DICA-lab of the University of Luxembourg, which does research on learning and development in multilingual contexts.

The application has been produced by the company «FounDreams», which develops educational and entertaining applications and plays for children and their parents. The applications turn the very boring process of education into a funny and entertaining game.